Xen hypervisor security issue — your infrastructure is safe at Managed.com

A newly discovered vulnerability in the Xen hypervisor has been making industry headlines. As with any case where data security becomes an issue, it’s understandable to wonder if this affects your website.
The Xen security vulnerability has led to several large cloud providers needing to implement emergency security maintenance and server reboots to protect their customers. This, in turn, fuels more speculation and attention grabbing headlines that can lead to worry.
The Xen hypervisor is its own virtual machine management software. It’s frequently used to create and manage VMs on an infrastructure level.
To be clear, your Managed.com-hosted website is secure in our network from this vulnerability because we simply don’t use Xen.
The Xen hypervisor is not part of our configuration. We use different technologies to manage our servers and infrastructure.
If this situation sounds familiar, it’s because a separate Xen hypervisor vulnerability required similar reboots and actions by other public cloud organizations last October.
As always, we will keep a close eye on this issue for our customers.
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