How to train your POODLE — remediation protocols in place to mitigate the SSLv3 vulnerability

Some POODLEs require more obedience to be sure they are in line.
Several weeks ago, Google engineers uncovered what has been dubbed the POODLE vulnerability (Padding Oracle On Downgrade Legacy Encryption).
Our team quickly assessed the issue and our engineers examined the severity of this issue.
We take any issues (potential or active) that may impact our customers very seriously.
We have thousands of servers within our system, and our team has performed an active security audit specifically identifying servers that could potentially be affected by the vulnerability if the full list of exploit conditions were met.
The majority of our servers will not be impacted. There are cases, however, where a few legacy sites using older technology may have issues with this vulnerability.
As additional information and testing continues into the POODLE SSLv3 vulnerability, some browsers may be disabling certain functions in an attempt to mitigate malicious use of the vulnerability.
In the future certain customers may experience potential browser issues as these changes are implemented at the browser level. Further, there is a secondary possibility that these changes, coupled with the POODLE issue, may result in a site ceasing to pass a PCI compliance test.
We are aware of this. If you or your customers experience any of the above symptoms, or have any issues, we have several remediation protocols in place to help resolve this issue. If you are experiencing any of the above issues, please contact our support team and we will be happy to help you.
As always, our team will continue to monitor the issue and keep you advised of any changes that may potentially impact you or your customers in relation to this developing issue.