PowerDNN is now Managed.com

An Important Message from PowerDNN:
We are Now Managed.com

We built our company on DotNetNuke (DNN). But ever since day one, even our most ardent DNN customers have asked us to do more. Things like database hosting, SharePoint installations, development servers, colocation space, and a variety of other CMS applications. So now, even though we still host more DNN than anyone else, we also host thousands of WordPress sites, along with Drupal, SharePoint, ElcomCMS, and much more.
At first, we did not want to confuse anyone by marketing these services under the PowerDNN name. And we wanted to “do it right” by bringing expertise, support, and training to forefront. So we built out new brands to provide those services. Although many of you know us only as PowerDNN, we have nearly a dozen brands serving customers worldwide on several platforms.
Over the years this has built up additional expertise, which is great, but has also added complexity. And we currently duplicate a lot of effort maintaining separate websites and systems. To address this, we have begun consolidating all of our different hosting products under one great new name:

Over the coming weeks, you will start to see the name “Managed.com” appear in your email notices and order forms. You will also hear “Managed.com” when we answer the phone and reply to support requests. Ultimately this will make us more efficient in serving all of our customers with all of the services we bring to the table.
Even though we will still be the same people providing the same great products, services, and support that our customers expect from us, change can be unsettling. To this, we wanted to let everybody know that:
  1. No outside capital has entered the picture, there has been no ownership or management change, nor has a liquidity event occurred … not even close. We are still growing and fully funded by the customers we love.
  2. We are all very proud of PowerDNN and the important part it plays in the DNN community. We will continue investing in the DNN community.
  3. PowerDNN.com will not be going away. The site and services will remain, but you will notice that we focus our marketing, communications, and social media efforts on the Managed.com brand.
We appreciate all of your continued support over the years and look forward to many more together. In short: different name, more options … same “us.”
   Thank you for your continued support.

   Tony Valenti
   CEO (and still owner) of
   PowerDNN and the new Managed.com