Our recommendation: wait for DNN 7.3.2

Recently, DNN Software released version 7.3 of DNN / DotNetNuke, a considerable update to the CMS which promises increased speed and performance. This update was followed closely by the release of 7.3.1, a maintenance released that addressed several issues in the 7.3 update.
At this time, we are recommending DNN / DotNetNuke users stay with version 7.2.2. While the 7.3.x series has many new features and enhancements, there are still a few issues that we feel need to be addressed before we can give a complete recommendation to the upgrade.
If you are very proficient with the DNN / DotNetNuke CMS, there is nothing stopping you from tackling the 7.3 and 7.3.1 updates and jumping in with both feet. If you are building a new site, we do recommend using 7.3.1 (issues seem to most affect existing sites going through an upgrade — new sites are fine). However, if you are not a DNN developer, or do not have a developer on standby, we are recommending users stay with the most current stable release of DNN, version 7.2.2.
We fully expect version 7.3.2 to fix the issues that have been hampering a wide and pain-free adoption of the 7.3.x releases.
As always, if you have any questions about DNN / DotNetNuke, the latest release, or about updating your own site, our team of support engineers is standing by to assist you — 24/7/365.
(In short: Building a new site? Use DNN 7.3.1. Upgrading your existing site? Stay with 7.2.2 for now.)