WordPress 3.9.1 provides fixes to 3.9 bugs

The WordPress.org team recently released version 3.9.1, a maintenance update that addresses several bugs discovered in the large 3.9 “Smith” update.
WordPress 3.9.1 is a maintenance update only. There are no security fixes in this update. It focuses on addressing 34 bugs from the 3.9 release, as well as improvements to customized widgets, the visual editor, audio/visual playlists, and “some adjustments to improve performance.”
For more information, you can read the official release statement from the WordPress team here. And if you are the type who likes to dive in deep to see what was updated, you can view the full list of addressed tickets here, or the changelog here.
If you haven’t had a chance to look at the large list of changes and improvements that the WordPress 3.9 release added to the CMS, you can read our full 3.9 update article here.
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