How to prevent registration spam from fake accounts in DNN — a guide by PowerDNN’s experts

There have been many reports of DNN websites suffering from registration spam in recent weeks. The registration spam is characterized by fake names, random addresses, and repeating phone numbers.
Our support engineers have put together a detailed breakdown of fixes that we have found successfully address the problem. You can read our Knowledge Base article here:
DNN Software is aware of the issue, but until a permanent fix is released in the DNN Core, these easy workarounds will allow you to stop altogether the registration spam from fake accounts.
We are making this information public for the DNN community, and we thank all of the community members who have given their time and effort to highlight and troubleshoot this issue on various forums and blogs.
As always, if you are a PowerDNN or customer, you may contact our support team 24/7/365 with any questions you may have about implementing one of the above fixes.