Perigon Networks opens new datacenter in Amsterdam

The location of our new datacenter cloud in
AMSTERDAM — Perigon Networks, whose main brands include PowerDNN and, is expanding its global presence with the addition of a new datacenter in Amsterdam. The new tier IV datacenter cloud was built out in March, has undergone rigorous testing to meet the company’s high standards, and is now live for PowerDNN and customers.
This is the fifth global datacenter opened by the company. CEO Tony Valenti said the new Amsterdam location was chosen for the fast-paced growth the European technology community is experiencing.
“The demand for enterprise-grade website hosting in Europe is growing every day,” Tony said. “We simply have to be there for our customers. We are responding to our customers’ demands and needs.”
In addition to the new Amsterdam location, Perigon Networks boasts datacenters in Manchester, England; Brisbane, Australia; and multiple locations in Omaha, Nebraska, as part of its growing global network.
Patrick Sutton, PowerDNN’s new senior network engineer, was instrumental in building out the infrastructure that makes up the new datacenter. Patrick guided the company’s away team on-location at the Amsterdam facility, leading the network architecture design for the new cloud cluster.
Director of Communications, Jeff Hardy, said Patrick has been a great addition to the team, and his background in supercomputer network architecture was evident throughout the entire Amsterdam datacenter project.
The new cloud cluster at our Amsterdam
datacenter — built to our high standards.
“Patrick is raising the bar on physical hardware architecture,” Jeff said. “Simply stated, there is nobody better at designing and configuring the physical systems for the virtual world.”
With the addition of the new datacenter location in Europe, PowerDNN’s already impressive PowerCasting technology has become even more powerful. Developed by the in-house engineering team, PowerCasting serves as the ultimate technology solution for geographic redundancy. It allows enterprise-level clients to broadcast their websites simultaneously from multiple global datacenter locations.
The central location of the new Amsterdam datacenter perfectly complements the strength of PowerCasting technology.
“Our infrastructure team is now better equipped than ever to provide tremendous throughput speeds to all of central and Eastern Europe,” Patrick said. “With the Netherlands becoming the central hub for technology in Europe, there is no better place to be to provide the best performance for our customers.”
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