Cyclone Ita in Queensland - PowerDNN sites safe and secure

To Our Friends and Customers in Australia
There is a CAT 5 Cyclone headed for Queensland Australia--Cyclone Ita.  Our Brisbane datacenter is not only storm proof to that level and beyond, but the storm is set to hit the coast hundreds of miles North of Brisbane (the location of our datacenter there).
We anticipate no interruptions in service, power, or connectivity.  However, some people accessing the internet in the far north of Australia may have issues connecting due to localized power and connectivity disruptions.  In other words, there may be a break between them and the sites hosting in Brisbane, but Brisbane could still be broadcasting fine to the world.
In short ... your Australia-based websites are safe and sound.  Worry about yourself.  Get to high-ground and batten-down the hatches.  Stay safe and know that our thoughts and prayers are with you. 
The PowerDNN Team