Joomla security vulnerabilities addressed in update

Several security vulnerabilities were recently identified in the Joomla core platform. The security risk is ranked as “High Priority” by the Joomla Project Team. We recommend Joomla users update their versions as soon as possible in order to mitigate the possibility of malicious attacks that take advantage of these flaws.
Joomla release 3.2.3 addresses several security flaws, and the Joomla Project Team recommends all Joomla 3.2 users “apply this update immediately.”
This update addresses these security flaws, including a high priority security issue where the Joomla core was affected by inadequate escaping, which led to SQL injection vulnerability.
Another issue addressed in this update involves multiple points of XSS vulnerabilities. This issue was ranked as a “medium priority.” The Joomla team also fixed an exploit that allowed for unauthorized logins via Gmail authentication.
For more information on the Joomla 3.2.3 security update, see the release announcement here. For more information on the specific security flaws mentioned above, read the version release notes here.
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