PowerDNN upgrading cloud architecture

As part of its commitment to provide technology solutions optimized for peak performance, the PowerDNN Team will be upgrading some of our cloud architecture. This is part of our normal equipment refresh cycle for scheduled infrastructure upgrades.
This means that certain PowerDNN customers’ websites will be experiencing an upgrade to enhanced technology clusters in the weeks ahead. This is part of our commitment to keep infrastructure hardware up-to-date, and our customers’ websites running at optimum levels.
Certain customers that benefit from the technology upgrades will be notified by email prior to the migration process. As always, PowerDNN’s engineers perform this work at night, during non-peak traffic times, in the interest of providing our customers a seamless transition.
If you receive an email from PowerDNN notifying you of the change, be aware that there is no action required on your part. The upgrades will be to your specific cloud architecture. We will migrate your website to brand-new 2014 server technology. This is a normal part of our infrastructure refresh cycle.
We will be performing several rounds of hardware upgrades in the weeks ahead, to upgrade specific clusters. So keep an eye on your email to see if your website will be migrated to the new cloud architecture.