Resolved - PowerDNN has detected a regional issue in the Pennsylvania Region

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Initial Post 09:32 AM CDT
We are aware that people connecting to our Midwest datacenters through the Pennsylvania regional hubs are reporting slow connection times and/or failed connections.  All tests from other connection points appear to be operating normally.  

All sites, servers, and services at PowerDNN are operating normally at this time.

Again, there appears to be a localized issue with people accessing the Midwest when/if their internet connections pass through the Pennsylvania region.

We continue to monitor the regional and national network and will keep our customers notified via this portal and social media. 

If you are experiencing any issues inconsistent with this notice, contact the support team for immediate assistance. 

Update 10:05 AM CDT
Our investigation suggests that the issue lays on the Level3 fiber network, solely affecting connections to and from the East Coast.  All issues are external to the PowerDNN network. 

Update 12:25 CDT
Though much better, there appears to be continued internet slowness in and around the Level3 connections with ATT and CenturyLink stretching between Pittsburgh and Detroit.  Amazon and Facebook appear to have experienced similar issues.  Again, this is a regional impact affecting general accessibility and throughput from the East Coast towards the Midwest. The issue appears to be slowly correcting and no further updates are expected.

All network traffic was rerouted around the delay by regional fiber providers in the Pennsylvania / Michigan region.  We consider the issue resolved, external, and involving the internet in general. 

If you are experiencing any issues inconsistent with this notice, please contact the support team at PowerDNN for immediate assistance.