Get some great developer training, and we'll throw in a free development server


Sign up for training at DNN Summit and we will give you a free development server

The DNN Summit conference keeps getting better. Great people, a great community, and a great opportunity to develop your professional skills.
Now we want to ramp it up another notch. If you sign up for training at DNN Summit, we will give you a free development server for up to a year. That’s a $1,200 value server for free, on top of getting hands-on experience and training from some of the best DNN, .NET, and ASP.NET professionals in the industry.
Training courses include options running the range from DNN newbies all the way to hardened and experienced development pros — whatever your comfort level, there is a training session for you.
“We think this is a great way to provide more benefit to the developer community,” President JR Brooks said. “If you’re a developer or interested in the training courses being offered, you can sign up and get a free development server on top of the training from all of these industry leaders.
“If you do any kind of development, this is a great offer,” Brooks said. “The value of your free development server will offset the cost of your training, hotel, and any travel expenses you may have from attending the event.”

Tell me how I get this free development server

Just go to the DNN Summit registration page and register for the event with any of the training options.
Fill out the registration details in the form below on that page, and when you get to the “Additional Details” section, let them know that you would like to take part in the Free Development Server Program from
You can even just drop in this text if you want:
I’m excited to attend training at DNN Summit, and I would also like to take advantage of the Free Development Server Program from
The DNN Summit organizers will pass your information on to us, and one of our Senior Technology Consultants will contact you in the next couple of business days to get your free development server lined up.
It’s that simple.
Editor’s Note: Still have questions? We’ve written a comprehensive knowledge base article answering frequently asked questions we’ve encountered while putting this program together. And if you don’t find your answer there, you can email us at and talk to one of our reps directly.