Sponsor DNN Summit and we will give you a free development server — you’re welcome

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Yes, Managed.com is giving free development servers to the DNN Community

When DNN Summit was announced, we were excited for the new direction, for the DNN Community, and for the future of DNN.
We knew we wanted to be a part of it.
It took no time at all for us to decide to sponsor DNN Summit at the Title Sponsor level side-by-side with DNN Software. This is our community, too, and we want to help make it the best DNN event we can.
But we wanted to do more.
Introducing: The Free Development Server Program.

How a crazy idea got green-lighted

We have been working hand-in-hand with developers for more than a decade. We know the developer community, and we are honored to be considered an extension of your team for so many.
So, how could we give back? Sponsoring DNN Summit is great, but anyone can cut a check. How could we make a difference in the lives, in the businesses, of developers?
We asked around, we talked internally, we had brainstorming sessions, we got input from developers, and everything kept coming back to one of our internal company mantras, “How can we make developers’ lives a little easier?”
What fundamentally drives developers? Simple. Development. And the myriad ways their development work and projects tie into their businesses.
So how can you help support a developer’s development work and their business in a meaningful way?
Then, half-jokingly, the idea was floated. “Why don’t we just give them a free server?”

Sponsor DNN Summit and we will give you a free development server

We went back and forth with the DNN Summit organizers to see what they thought of the idea. After ironing out a few details, everyone was onboard. We had a true way that we could give back to the developer community, and also help to promote DNN Summit.
Here’s how it works:
  • Step 1: Sponsor DNN Summit at the $299 or more level
  • Step 2: Get free development server
Your sponsorship money will go directly to the DNN Summit organization. You get to give back to the DNN Community, help support the DNN Summit event, and get a free server to help drive your development projects.
“We wanted to come up with a program that would speak to developers and also help promote DNN Summit,” Managed.com President JR Brooks said. “This is a program designed to help developers and their businesses in a way we know they could use. We’re excited to see how the DNN Community puts the free development server program to work.”
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Tell me how I get this free development server

Just go to the DNN Summit sponsorship page and choose to sponsor the event at any level, with a minimum sponsorship package of $299 — the “Supporting Sponsor” level.
Fill out the sponsorship details in the form below on that page, and when you get to the “Additional Details” section, let them know that you would like to take part in the Free Development Server Program from Managed.com.
You can even just drop in this text if you want:
I’m excited to sponsor DNN Summit, and I would also like to take advantage of the Free Development Server Program from Managed.com.
The DNN Summit organizers will pass your information on to us, and one of our Senior Technology Consultants will contact you in the next couple of business days to get your free development server lined up.
It’s that simple.
Managed.com - JR Brooks - Sponsor DNN Summit 2017 and get a free development server

Go forth, sponsor DNN Summit, and develop

We think this program will be a great way for community members to help sponsor DNN Summit, and help to grow their business. That’s completely separate from the benefits events like DNN Summit provide the community: training, classes, tips, great sessions, and business strategy — not to mention the camaraderie.
“If you’ve been sitting on the fence about sponsoring DNN Summit, we hope this program will help you decide to go all in,” Brooks said. “For $299 you can get all the benefits of sponsoring DNN Summit, and a free development server. It’s a great event for the community, and we hope this program is a win-win for developers and DNN Summit.”
Editor’s Note: Still have questions? We’ve written a comprehensive knowledge base article answering frequently asked questions we’ve encountered while putting this program together. And if you don’t find your answer there, you can email us at Sales@Managed.com and talk to one of our reps directly.
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