DNN Summit offers new direction, new ways for DNN Community to get involved


Managed.com sponsors DNN Summit at Title Sponsor level side-by-side with DNN Software

The annual DNN event has gone through a period of change and growth over the years. What was once a one-day event — Day of DotNetNuke — evolved into a multi-day event — DNNCon — full of coding tips and tricks, the latest in DNN news, and an all-around great community gathering. For the past several years, DNNCon has been the place for the DNN Community to get together in North America.
And now DNNCon is changing, as well.
The new event is called “DNN Summit,” and the entire Managed.com Team is excited to be an integral part of this next chapter in the DNN Community.
Under the new branding, the inaugural DNN Summit will be in Denver, Colo., this winter, taking place January 18-23, 2017.
And as anyone who has ever organized (or sponsored) a conference event can attest — these things do not happen over night. It’s an incredible amount of blood, sweat, and tears shed by volunteers to pull these events off.
With the new direction, the DNN Community hopes to spread those organizational hurdles a little more than in the past. Now, rather than falling on the shoulders of a handful of people, the annual DNN Summit events will be lead by a committee that will help drive the direction of each year’s conference.
As it has been in the past, these events rely on the goodwill of the community and sponsors to help with the event.

Managed.com helps with ‘Title Sponsorship’ of first DNN Summit

This year, we’re excited to announce that Managed.com will be a “Title Sponsor” side-by-side with DNN Software.
The DNN Summit organization is taking advantage of these changes in the annual event to reenergize the community, and we want to do our part by stepping up our game as well.
“We have a long history with DotNetNuke, and the DNN Community has been very good to us,” Managed.com President JR Brooks said. “By sponsoring DNN Summit at the top-tier level side-by-side with DNN Software, we want to show the community that we are dedicated to its success — to your success.”

Multiple ways to support and help grow the DNN Community

If you’ve never been to a DNN event before, now is a great time to get involved. And this year’s DNN Summit event has multiple ways you can do just that, whether you want to attend the event, go to a specific session, or sponsor the conference at one of the many levels available.
Remember that your sponsorship money helps to promote the DNN Community and to provide the best event possible. Interested in sponsoring? Head over to the DNN Summit Sponsorship page for more info.
Right now, if you register to attend DNN Summit you can save fifty percent off of the main conference price. Early Bird special rates will be available through October 22. There’s still plenty of time to register, and there’s still time to sponsor the event, too.

Get involved: attend, connect, network, learn, and give back to the DNN Community

If you’ve never been to a DNN event before, we encourage you to try and make the trip. This year’s DNN Summit is going to be one for the books (or blogs). And if the hard work and dedication put in by the volunteers and event committee already is anything to go by, it’s only going to get better.
“DNN Summit is a great opportunity for everyone in the community,” Brooks said. “Everyone is working around-the-clock to make it the best event possible. This is one you won’t want to miss. There are some excellent sessions planned, and we have a few things we’re working on for the community, too.”
Whether you’re new to DNN or a veteran who once called themselves a ‘Nuker, we hope to see you at DNN Summit.

Connect with the community

And if a trip to Denver is out of your plans this year, follow along on social media to see what’s going on with the conference.
Connect with our team on twitter @ManagedDotCom and follow the fine folks at @DNNSummit to get all the latest info on the event.

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