PowerDNN unveils new plans, new prices, and new VPS products

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Everything is backed by our rock-solid infrastructure and expert 24/7/365 DNN support

As part of the Managed.com family of brands, the PowerDNN team is excited to announce a comprehensive refresh of our products and offerings across the board.

PowerDNN - New DotNetNuke plans pricing offering - VPS HostingAs always, our commitment to service and to the 24/7/365 expert support we’ve built our name on will be part and parcel of every new PowerDNN plan. For over a decade, our customers have been confident in knowing they are getting great value for their investment and all new plans will reflect our continued commitment to providing that great value and support backed by our vast infrastructure and global network.

“This is more than just a tweak of our offerings,” Managed.com President JR Brooks said. “This is an evolution of our brand. This is about listening to our customers and helping them get the best solution for their needs.”

All of the decisions behind the new PowerDNN offerings were made after careful, deliberate discussions and meetings — all focused on providing the community with the next version of the best DNN hosting packages around.

“Our team has spent months researching, revising, and breaking down competitive analysis reports,” Brooks said. “We wanted to do this right, so we took our time with it. We started this process with one thing in mind: to ensure we offer our customers an updated line of competitive products, at a great price, without sacrificing any of the support or the personal touch we’re known for.”

What’s New

Our new Level 1 DNN hosting plan with PowerDNN was designed to better accommodate expanding sites and offers a 900% increase in disk space from the previous Level 1 plan. The plan will be $21.99, a slight increase of less than $2, and will now come with 10 GB of disk space.

Similar increases in specs can be seen across the range of offerings from PowerDNN. A Level 2 shared hosting plan will now accommodate 20 gigs of disk space (up from 3), and a Level 3 plan will come with a standard 30 gigs (up from 5).

“We want to ensure our plans increase with the demands of a modern site,” Brooks added, “while continuing to provide a great value for our customers.”

As part of that value, a Level 2 and Level 3 shared hosting plan from PowerDNN will now be reduced by $8 and $18 respectively — a decrease in price for an increase in specs and power.
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Additionally, multiple DNN installations — separate from portals — will now be available for no additional charge on the larger shared plans: Level 2 will allow for 2 DotNetNuke installations, and Level 3 will allow for 4.

Brooks went on to say that all new PowerDNN plans will now come with Plesk 12. Previously there may have been a service charge to update Plesk. Now that will be performed at no additional cost with the new plans, and PowerDNN will provide maintenance for Plesk as new versions roll out as part of the new standard price.

“This is just another way we can future-proof plans for our customers,” Brooks said.

In addition to more robust specs, we’re also rolling out a new mid-range product line.

Introducing PowerDNN Virtual Private Servers (VPS)

We’ve had many customers request something that would be more powerful than a traditional shared hosting plan, but less expensive than a fully dedicated server with a subset of the added control available in a cloud server.

To fill this need, we will now be offering a full line of VPS hosting plans backed by our DNN experts.

“The new VPS product is built on our hardened infrastructure and will receive the same premium level of DNN support that our customers expect from us,” Brooks said. “They are a great option for growing companies or for dev shops that need a little more power under the hood but aren’t quite ready for a fully dedicated cloud server.”
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Next-Gen Architecture

As part of a scheduled technology refresh, the Managed.com Team has been hard at work upgrading our infrastructure and network to continue to offer available 99.999% datacenter uptime, next generation security and, as always, a global footprint. 

“In many places, customers will see a noticeable improvement to their site’s performance,” Brooks said, due to the new technology. “This is part of our commitment to continuously improve and advance our architecture and infrastructure.”

The changes also allow us to offer our new Dedicated Cloud Hosting plans at even better rates than before. The team worked to create plans and offerings that will best accommodate our new and existing customer base. The changes in our high-end Cloud Hosting plans will even have a 33% and a 45% savings over the old plans.

Customers can, of course, upgrade any plan by adding more specs to create their perfect environment.
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What’s Next

PowerDNN has been been actively involved in the DNN community since version 1.0, and that commitment and support will continue in the future. We are proud to once again to be a sponsor of DNNCon and DNN Connect this year. Our team is excited to reconnect with the community in person and see many of our friends and customers.

“We’re excited to provide these new product offerings to our customers,” Brooks said. “Our goal is to help you find the solution that helps you meet your goals.”

The new plans, new prices, and new VPS products are available now on the PowerDNN site. If you have any questions about the new products, please contact one of our senior technology consultants by calling us or by emailing Sales@PowerDNN.com.

Contact PowerDNN Sales:
US: 1.877.743.8366
EU: +44 (0)20 7193 4852
AU: +61 2 8011 3493