Resolved — Incident update for AU1 Datacenter


AU1 Incident Summary

AU1 Datacenter Incident Report for August 04, 2015

Start Time: August 04, 2015, ~ 8:00 PM CST
Conclusion: August 04, 2015, ~ 11:30 PM CST
Duration: ~ 3.5 hours
Type: Regional - affecting the AU1 datacenter and provider


Our datacenter partner in Australia experienced a degradation in connectivity. This included one network phase within's AU1 datacenter. Internal servers and other hardware were not affected and neither data nor security were ever at risk.

Root Cause

An up-line network connection provided by our datacenter failed Rerouting traffic into our secondary network paths also failed. We have worked with our Brisbane datacenter to assure that this issue has been addressed and will not reoccur.


The infrastructure team has worked with our datacenter service providers to ensure that upstream data connectivity and redundant paths will not be impacted in the future.

Additional Preventative Action —

The internal system was able to detect the instability in the system, which alerted our support team via network monitoring. Our infrastructure team became involved immediately as they worked with the datacenter directly to help diagnose and resolve the issue. This issue was escalated accordingly to all levels of management to ensure the fastest possible resolution.
Even though this incident existed outside of the network and our direct control, we understand the difficulties this presented for you and your customers. We apologize for the interruption. We appreciate and thank you for your continued support.

Original Post

The internal monitoring systems generated an alert on Tuesday, August, 4, 2015, at approximately 8:00 p.m. CST in a subset of our AU1 datacenter. Our infrastructure team quickly isolated the issue and are currently working to resolve it. We apologize for this inconvenience. Sites and servers will be brought up systematically as our team works with the datacenter provider to address the issue as quickly as possible.