WordPress WordCamps posted for second-half of 2015

The team at WordPress.org has posted the full list of WordCamps for the second-half of 2015. The first six months of the year have seen great growth for WordPress, and the events that have already happened were very successful.
According to WordPress.org:
There have been 39 WordCamps in 2015 so far, with events organized in 17 different countries and on 5 continents. More than 14,000 people have registered for WordCamp tickets so far this year, isn't that amazing?
WordCamps are more than just networking opportunities; they are a chance for WordPress developers to meet with their peers, to learn together, and to discover new ways to help make the CMS work for them, and for their business.
There are nearly 30 WordCamps that have announced their dates for the latter half of 2015. Be sure to check the individual sites listed for each event to find out when a WordCamp is happening in your area.
See the full list of WordCamps for second-half 2015.