Recommended Anti-Spam Settings for SmarterMail 8

Recommended Anti-Spam Settings for SmarterMail 8
Please note: This article pertains to VPS, Cloud, and Dedicated server customers only. On our Shared hosting servers, recommended spam and security settings are already in place. If you are a shared customer and have questions about these settings, please contact Support.
A SmarterTools license is included in all of our dedicated server packages. SmarterMail has a filter that helps detect spam and filter it out. To change your spam settings on your dedicated server:
  1. Use Remote Desktop to log into your dedicated server.
  2. Log into SmarterMail using one of the methods below:
    • Open a browser and type http://localhost:9998. Log in using admin as the username and supply the password - or
    • Start Control Suite. Click on the Mail Server > Login as Admin. A browser window will load and be minimized to the task bar.
  3. Click on the Security icon.
  4. Select Anti-Spam Administration.
  5. Select the Spam Checks tab.
For recommended spam settings, please follow the instructions at SmarterTool's Recommended Spam Settings.

SmarterMail Anti-spam

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