How to Set Up Email Accounts in our Environment

How to Setup Email Accounts in our Environment
Our servers use the Plesk Control Panel to manage the web, mail, ftp, and database server settings on your server. Because of this any changes made in Plesk are retained, and any changes made in the underlying programs can be reverted when nightly Plesk scheduled tasks are run. For these reasons, if you want to create or modify a mail account, you must do so using your Control Panel.
Need to know how to login to Plesk? Please follow the KB article linked below to just that:

How to Login to Plesk within the Control Panel
  1. Log into your Plesk Control Panel
  2. Click on the Home tab
  3. In the My Subscriptions section, click on the domain for which you want to add or modify email accounts
  4. Select the Mail tab
  5. Click on Create E-mail Address
  6. Create the account by supplying the required information and specifying limits to the mailbox. Click OK
  7. Use the ForwardingE-mail Aliases, and Auto-Reply tabs to modify mail settings as needed

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