Billing Policy

Billing Policies

In an effort to serve our clients best, we use automated systems to efficiently process payments.  The following policies apply. 

Account Security
We only allow authorized users to access your account.  We require that users be able to identify the following information when accessing an account: an authorized account contact, the address and phone number of the business, and the payment method.  All pieces of information must be verified if not authorized user.

Payment Policies and Due Dates

Policies for all Customers
Payment is due in advance before service is rendered.  Your order will be created five days before it is due.  When the invoice is due, the credit card on file will be charged automatically.

If there is an error processing your credit card, we will make every effort to contact you using the email address or contact phone number on file; however, it is your responsibility to pay your bill and maintain an accurate email address and phone number. Please respond promptly to avoid service interruption. 
If you need to update your contact information, you can do that via your control panel, or by contacting our billing department via phone at 1-877-743-8366 or ticket at

Payment Methods
All monthly Shared Hosting plans must pay by credit card or PayPal. For Dedicated Servers or annual shared hosting plans we also allow payment by wire transfer or check. Payment by any of these methods (wire transfer, ACH,check) is governed by the same policies and time schedule as credit card payments. As with all services, payment is due in advance; even if a PO # is issued, services will not begin until payment is received. If you pay by credit card, our system will by default set your credit card for automatic, recurring payments.  If you need to request alternative payment terms, please submit a ticket to the billing department.

Delayed, Late, or Problem Payments

Shared Hosting
If an invoice has not been paid by its due date, your website will automatically be placed into graced status for 15 days with restricted access. After 15 days your subscription will expire and be terminated, and your site will go offline. If payment is not received by the time your subscription has expired, your account will be scheduled to be removed from our systems. 

If your subscription is in a graced status, you just need to process a payment for the balance due* and your subscription will be restored. If your subscription is expired and terminated for non payment, you will need to contact our billing department to re-activate your subscription.For all accounts that must be restored by the billing department there is a $50 reactivation fee that will be applied.
*Late fees will be added PER ORDER to your account in the following amounts:
            - $5.00 for Shared Hosting Plans
            - $15.00 for VPS Servers
            - $25.00 for Dedicated Servers

Dedicated Server
If an invoice has not been paid by its due date, your server will automatically be placed into graced status.  The server(s) will then stay in graced status for 15 days with restricted access.  After the invoice is 30 days past due, the server(s) will be turned off.  If payment is not received 30 days after the server(s) is turned off, the server(s) will be deprovisioned.

At any point in this process, prior to deprovisioning,  you may pay your open invoices along with any fees and your server will be returned to good standing. Please contact our billing department for assistance if need be.

Account Termination

Termination Requests for Shared Hosting and Dedicated Servers
You may discontinue service at any time by submitting a termination request via your control panel .  You will receive an email confirmation once your request has been received and processed.  Your services will remain active until the end of your billing cycle, unless you indicate otherwise.

Refund Policy
Subscriptions must have a termination request entered prior to payment being processed. Refunds for subscriptions are not provided, once payment has been processed. 

Credit Cards on File
If you have a credit card on file and it is marked for "Allow Payments" and "Use For Recurring Billing", your card will be automatically charged.  

If you have a credit card on file and it is marked for "Allow Payments" but is not marked "Use For Recurring Billing", your card will not be automatically charged. However, once an invoice/order becomes overdue, your credit card will be processed for payment if it is marked to allow payments.

Declined, Expired, or Chargeback Credit Card Policy
In the event that your credit card expires, our team will attempt to contact you via email or phone letting you know of the expired credit card.  It is then your responsibility to either log in to your control panel and update your payment method or contact our billing department at 1-877-743-8366 for assistance. If you do not wish to renew your hosting account, you must submit a termination request to cancel future billing.

If your card is declined, we will attempt to notify you via email or phone.  It is then your responsibility to either log in to your control panel and add new credit card information or contact the billing department via phone at 1-877-743-8366, or submit a ticket to to request assistance.  In the event that we do not hear from you within your 15 day grace period, your account status will change to expired and your service will be terminated.

Our policy regarding chargebacks is zero tolerance.  If we receive a charge back notice from you or your credit card company, your services with us will be suspended immediately.  In order to reinstate your services, you will need to pay the balance due on your account in addition to a $50 chargeback fee.  Balance due includes the invoices charged back as well as any current invoices.

Standard Fees
Pay via Wire Transfer                                                                        $20 per Wire Transfer
Returned/Bounced Check                                                                   $50 per check with loss of check privileges
Chargeback Fee                                                                                $50 
Reactivation of Terminated Account                                                    $50 per Reactivation
Late Fee for a Shared Account                                                            $5 per late order
Late Fee for VPS Account                                                                  $15 per late order
Late Fee for Dedicated Account                                                          $25 per late order

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