A Description of Joomla Extensions

What are Joomla Extensions?

Extensions allow you to extend the core Joomla framework through the use of components, modules, plugins, language packs and templates.
  • Components are large extensions that help produce the majority of the content for a site.  Some of the core Joomla components are the Articles Component, Weblinks Component and Contacts Component. Some components also have corresponding modules and plugins. For example the NewsFlash module works with the Articles Component and displays articles from a specific category. 
  • Modules are smaller extensions and are placed in one of the module positions of your template. 
  • Plugins are small, task-oriented extensions that are associated with trigger events before a site is loaded. The most common plugin that you will work with is the text/HTML editor of your site. 
  • Language packs allow you to customize the interface, help screens and sample data into a language of your choice. 
  • Templates determine the layout, colors, fonts and any other visual aspect of your site.  
You can download extensions from the Joomla Extensions Directory at http://extensions.joomla.org.

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