How's Upgrade Protection Works

How to Keep Your Site Up-to-Date with Upgrade Protection

Keeping your site secure is an important part of maintaining a stable website. DNN is diligent in fixing bugs and patching security holes. When a new version of DNN is released, you may see a notification in the top menu bar upon when logging in as host (version 8 and lower). 

Updates Available

If the available update patches a critical security problem, you will see a red indicator like these:

Critical Updates Available

You can check which version of DNN you are running as well as enable the option to check for updates by performing the following steps.
In DNN 8.x and below:
  1. Log into your DotNetNuke website as a SuperUser (typically Host).
  2. Click on Host > Host Settings. In the Host Settings page you will see DotNetNuke version.
  3. Place a checkmark next to Check for updates if it is not already checked.
In DNN 9 and above:
  1. Login to your DNN website as a SuperUser (typically Host).
  2. In the Persona Bar go to Settings -> Servers. The current site version is displayed under the Application section.
  3. In DNN 9, there is an integrated Update Service that does version checking. Critical updates and other items may be listed under the Settings -> Security -> Security Bulletins section.
For more information about DNN releases see the DNNSoftware GitHub repository.

What is Upgrade Protection?
Upgrade protection gives you the ability to request one standard upgrade for your site each month. Upgrade protection can be added to subscription plans at $7/month. For more information about standard upgrades see our DNN Upgrades article.

I Have Upgrade Protection. Why Does it Say Updates Are Available?
Having upgrade protection does not mean that your site will automatically be upgraded each time a newer version of DNN is released. You may have modules or skins that would need to be updated, or times that it would be inconvenient for your site to be down for a few minutes while the upgrade is taking place. For these reasons, you must contact support when you are ready to request an upgrade.

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