How to View a Submitted Ticket

Once a ticket has been submitted into our system, it enters a queue. A member of the appropriate team will respond with questions or the solution once the issue is resolved. In the interim, if you want to view the ticket or look at the conversation follow the steps below.
  1. Login your Control Panel
  2. You can view your most recent tickets from the main screen in the Most Recent Tickets in the middle section of the screen

  3. If you have any existing tickets you will see one of three statuses:
    • Active - This status indicates that the ticket is currently in our ticketing system
    • Waiting - This status indicates that a technician has replied and the subject that submitted the ticket needs to review the response and respond accordingly
    • Closed - This status indicates that your ticket has been closed either by yourself or the ticket closed due to inactivity by the subject that submitted the ticket
  4. If you'd like to view a ticket you can select the ticket from the Most Recent Tickets section by selecting the link of the ticket

  5. If you'd like to view all your tickets you can simply select View all tickets

  6. While on the Support Tickets screen, you can see all the tickets that have been submitted via the Control Panel, including the status, department, and subject of each

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