How to Upgrade a DotNetNuke Site

How to Upgrade Your DotNetNuke Site
Although you can attempt the upgrade yourself, we do not recommend it or provide documentation on this process.  DotNetNuke upgrades should only be performed by someone with considerable DotNetNuke experience because there are far too many ways that an untrained person could accidentally destroy their website.  We do not provide free technical assistance for self-upgraded issues so if you try to do the upgrade yourself please back up your site files and database first and verify you have a viable backup. If something goes wrong, we may have to charge you to get your site back up and running.

If you have installed any third party URL re-writers, we would highly recommend that you disable them first before requesting an upgrade because URL re-writers are a common cause of failed upgrades.

Because upgrading a DotNetNuke website performed by someone with considerable DotNetNuke experience, there is a small charge associated with us doing the upgrade.

Option 1: Standard Upgrade
Normal Price:  One time charge of $25 per DotNetNuke installation
Special Price:  Customers with DotNetNuke Upgrade Protection may request 1 Standard Upgrade for free per month.
This option is limited to websites that are less than 1 GB in size.

We take a complete backup of your entire website first, then apply the upgrade to the live site.  We then leave your website as-is (whether the upgrade is successful or not) and give you the ability to troubleshoot any issues that may have occurred if any.  If you are not able to resolve the issue, you may request that we revert to the backup that was taken before upgrading your website.  
If we revert your website there will still be a $25 charge placed on your account for the service, however, we will attempt the upgrade again at no cost any time within 30 days of the original upgrade request. You will not be able to engage a standard upgrade on this website again until the site's errant components have been upgraded successfully to versions compatible with the DNN version to be installed.  Components of your site that may need to be upgraded outside of the DNN upgrade may include modules, skins or extensions that were developed by a third party, any non-DNN core modules developed or modified by you or a third party.  This may be done through us via a Staging Upgrade (Option 2), or hiring another consultant.    If you are already working with a partner, we would highly recommend continuing to work with them through this upgrade.  If you are in need of a development partner, please take a look at .

Option 2:  Staging Upgrade
Cost:  One time charge of $125.
Staging Upgrades are required for websites that are over 1 GB in size.

We create a new subscription for your staging upgrade. We take a complete backup of your entire website and restore it to a staging site clone.  We then upgrade the staging site and provide you with a URL to access it.  If there are any issues with the staging website, you will be given the option to resolve them yourself or work with a developer in order to resolve the issues.  Once they are resolved, we backup the site and then restore it over your live website to bring it live.  If there are any issues with a staging upgrade you will need to work with your developer to resolve those issues. 

If you currently do not have a developer, and you would like additional recommendations please review the list at

The hosted web space for staged upgrades is free for the first 30 days and will be billed at $50/mo for each additional month.

Regardless of which option you choose, after the upgrade, you can do one of the following:
  1. You bless the website and we call things good / bring it live.
  2. You curse the website and troubleshoot yourself, or consult.
  3. You give up      
    • Standard - we restore site to the backup made prior to the upgrade.
    • Staging - we remove the clone from your staging subscription.
Please be aware that you are completely responsible for ensuring that all components of your website work post-upgrade.  In the event that a component does not work after an upgrade, you will need to either revert to the pre-upgraded version or engage a vendor/consultant in order to assist in resolving any issues.

Please note that when upgrading a site from 4.x to 5.x, you will need to upgrade your 3rd party modules and, in many cases, your skin. There have been many changes from 4.x to 5.x so this will resolve most 3rd party module/skin issues that you may run across. Upgrading a site from 5.x to 6.x often requires a skin update.

Also, even though we have a 99.5% success rate in upgrading DotNetNuke websites, we can't guarantee that your site will be upgradable.  If you are running a very old site, have installed old/questionable third party extensions, or are running a "degraded" website, we might not be able to get the site upgraded.  Although this is rare, if this happens on a staged upgrade, we will still have to bill you for the work because of the time involved in trying to upgrade a site.

Please submit a support ticket and specify what upgrade option you would like and we will get you upgraded as soon as possible. Please keep in mind that when you schedule the upgrade and approve the option you would like, you will not be able to edit anything on your website as your site will likely "break" if you are doing any work on the website during the upgrade process.

As a final note, we do offer a DotNetNuke Standard Upgrade service for $7 per month per DotNetNuke installation. When a new version of DotNetNuke is released to the public, you can request your site to be upgraded, using the standard upgrade process, to the latest version for no additional charge. The DotNetNuke Upgrade service covers all "Option 1: Standard Upgrades" upgrades and can only be setup once you've had your site upgraded to the latest version of DotNetNuke.


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