How to Back Up a Domain Using Control Suite

How to Back Up a Domain Using Control Suite
While the Plesk Control Panel can be used to back up a domain and its database, a Control Suite backup is often more convenient and easy to use. Plesk packages its backups in a zipped xml format that has to be extracted and the database extension has to be renamed. Control Suite creates a backup of the httpdocs folder and a MS SQL .bak or MySQL .sql file.

Control Suite is only available to our dedicated server clients.

To back up a website using Control Suite:
  1. Use Remote Desktop to log into your dedicated server.
  2. Double click on the Control Suite icon on your server's desktop. (If the shortcut is not available, browse to c:\netstrap\SystemControl and run NetStrap.exe via Windows Explorer.)
  3. Keep the default User Name and Password, but do NOT check the Save this User Name and Password checkbox.
  4. Click Login.
  5. Accept the terms of service.
  6. Double click on Plesk x.x.x (Domains) or click on the triangle next to it to expand it.
  7. Select the domain you wish to backup.
  8. Click on the Backup Domain icon noted in the image below.
    Click on Backup Domain
  9. Choose the appropriate options. If a type of database is set to True and is not available, it will not cause a problem. Enter a description if desired. The backup will be saved with time stamp information to help you determine which of multiple backups is the newest.
    Control Suite Backup Domain Options
  10. Press Execute, select Yes and watch the lower progress bar for results of the operation.
  11. Once the backup is complete, it is stored in the C:\Backups\domainname folder.
    Folder showing backup

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