How to Retrieve Passwords Using Control Suite

Retrieving Passwords Using Control Suite
Control Suite has built-in features that allow a dedicated server customer to retrieve and manage various passwords in the server environment.

Start Control Suite
  1. Log into your dedicated server using Remote Desktop.
  2. Double click on the Control Suite icon on your desktop. (If the icon doesn't exist, run NetStrap.exe in C:\netstrap\SystemControl.)
  3. Keep the default User Name and Password, but do NOT check the Save this User Name and Password checkbox.
  4. Click on Login and click on Yes to accept the terms of the licensing agreement.
Retrieve the Plesk Control Panel Admin Password
  1. In the Navigation Tree click on the Plesk x.x.x (Domains) icon.
  2. In the Commands Ribbon click on Retrieve Password.
    Retrieve Plesk Password
  3. The resulting password will be displayed in the black Output Pane. The password is also copied to the clipboard so you can easily paste it into the Plesk login dialog box.
  4. Note that if you right click on the Plesk x.x.x (Domains) icon, you can Login as Admin using your browser of choice provided it is installed on the server.
Retrieve SmarterMail Admin Password
  1. Click on Mail Server
  2. Click on the Retrieve SmarterMail Admin Password on the Commands Ribbon.
  3. The password is displayed in the Output Pane in addition to being copied to the clipboard.
  4. Alternately, choose the Login as Admin button to log in directly.
    Retrieve SmarterMail Admin Password
Retrieve the Database Password
  1. Click on Plesk x.x.x (Domains) > [Domain] > The [CMS App] > double click on the Databases icon.  
  2. Double click on the [database] listed. Click on the [database user]. Click on the Retrieve Password icon.
  3. The username and password will be displayed with the password copied to the clipboard.
Retrieve Other Passwords
In a like manner FTP and mail user password can be retrieved. Control Suite is a one-stop location for retrieving the Plesk, Super User, SmarterMail administrator, FTP user and email account passwords. The database, FTP, and mail user passwords are retrieved from Plesk so there is a slight possibility of a discrepancy between what it retrieves and the actual value.

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