How to Recycle the Application Pool of a Website

On a Windows server, changes made to a website's database often require a recycle of the site's application pool. Customers in a shared server environment may use the following steps to recycle the application pool through Plesk. Instructions for recycling the application pool through IIS on a dedicated server are included further down the page.
  1. Login to your Control Panel
  2. Choose the correct subscription from the drop down menu in the upper right
  3. Click on Domains tab.  Then select your domain
  4. Click on Dedicated IIS Application Pool for Website at the bottom of the box
  5. Click on the yellow Recycle button in the top right

Recycle the Application Pool Directly through IIS (Dedicated Server Customers Only)
  1. Use Remote Desktop to log into your dedicated server
  2. Click on Start > Administrative Tools > Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager
  3. Expand the server listed. Click on Application Pools
  4. Locate the pool that needs to be refreshed. Right click on it
  5. Click on Recycle

    Click Recycle


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