Getting Started with

Getting Started With

Whether this is your first website or you have hosted dozens of sites with various hosting providers, we want you to get off to a good start. This article contains a two minute video to help you get oriented to our system. It also includes links to articles about tasks new customers commonly need to perform. If you need other information that's not provided here, feel free to search or browse our KB system.

Your Control Panel provides you access to your website management software and your billing information.
  1. Go to's website and click on the Account Login button in the upper right. (If you're using Internet Explorer and don't see the login link, please update your browser to the most current version.)
  2. Click on the Account tab for billing information. 

Plesk Control Panel Account Tab

Click on the Home tab to change the configuration settings for you web, email, FTP, or DNS servers. Your home Control Panel may look a bit different than the screen below depending on which Control Panel version is running on your server.

Plesk 9 Home Tab

If you need assistance from our billing, sales, or support teams, learn How to Submit a Ticket. Once a ticket has been created via the ticket system or a phone call see How to View a Submitted Ticket.

Submit a Ticket

If you have an existing site you will be hosting with us learn How to Transfer / Migrate Your Site to

We use a temporary alias that allows you to view your site on your new server while you build it or verify it transferred properly. Simply append to your domain name. For example, would have a temporary alias of Once your site is ready Bring Your Site Live with

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