How to Transfer / Migrate Your Site to

Please Note: This article is for any PowerDNN or customer and will not apply unless you have an account

Uploading DNN/WordPress Website Files
You should have obtained a copy of your site files (in a folder that's often called httpdocs, wwwroot, or public_html) and your database file ending in a .bak (or .sql for MySQL) extension from your current hosting provider. To transfer your web site files and database backup, you will need to use an FTP client. If you are new to using FTP, see How to Use FTP.

Enter the following FTP credentials:
Username:    migrate
Password:    safeupload

Once you complete the upload submit a ticket and let us know the name of your files and we will perform the migration for you. 
For instructions on how to submit a support ticket, please click here.

Please note that although you may be able to view other backups or folders in our server, it is a secure server. Once a file is uploaded, it can not be opened, viewed or copied by anyone other than our support techs.


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