How to Create a Redirect in Joomla

How to Create a Redirect in JoomlaBefore proceeding it is assumed that you have logged into your administration back end to make the necessary changes. If you need to know how to login to your back end refer to How to Access the Back End of a Joomla Site.

Enable Redirect Plugin
  1. Go to Extensions > Plug-ins Manager.
  2. Use the filter and search for System - Redirect.
  3. Verify that the plugin is enabled. If the status states in the drop down menu as enabled then it is enabled. If the drop down shows as disabled then you select in the drop down to enable the extension.
Add Redirect
  1. Go to Components > Redirect.
  2. Click on New
    • The Source URL is the dead link that no longer exists. This can be the absolute path
    • The Destination URL is where you would like people to be redirected to if they try to access a dead link. This can be the absolute path
  3. Make sure the status for this redirect is Enabled.
  4. Click Save & Close.

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