How to Enable & Use Smart Search in Joomla

How to Enable & Use Smart Search
This article explains how to enable and use Smart Search in your Joomla 2.5 site.

This article includes the three steps to complete the enabling of Smart Search.

Enable the Plugin
  1. Log in to the back end of your Joomla site. If you need help logging into your back end you can go here: How to Access the Back End of a Joomla Site.
  2. Go to Extensions > Plug-in Manager.
  3. Filter "Content - Smart Search" on the list of plug-ins.
  4. Click on the red circle icon in the Status column for the Smart Search plug-in. 
  5. The red circle should change to a green circle indicating that the plug-in is now enabled.

Index the Site

  1. Go to Components > Smart Search.
  2. Click Index.
  3. Do not close the window until you receive the message: "Indexing Complete".

Install the Smart Search Module

  1. Go to Extensions > Module Manager.
  2. Click New.
  3. Select Smart Search Module.

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