Enable and Control Site Optimizer and Keep Alive (Dedicated Servers Only)


The site optimizer performs many small tasks that help your site run more efficiently. It truncates the database, truncates the IIS logs and it reorganizes the database so it's faster. It also compresses the database, optimizes the tables, and truncates DNN event logs among other things.

Methods of enabling Site Optimizer and Keep alive on the server/domain
  • Method 1 - Enabling "Site Optimizer" and "Keep Alive" in the  Control Suite for entire server
  • Method 2 - Enabling "Site Optimizer" and "Keep Alive" on a domain-by-domain basis

Keep Alives or Browse All URLs

Keep alives are constant tasks. Every four minutes Control Suite hits every site to keep the app pools from expiring. It provides a faster response for a site visitor because IIS doesn't shut the app pool down due to inactivity.

Our dedicated servers have "Site Optimizer" and "Keep Alive" enabled by default.

Method 1 - Enabling "Site Optimizer" and "Keep Alive" in the  Control Suite for Entire Server

To Enable Site Optimizer and Keep Alive, do the following:.
  1. Login to Plesk as admin
  2. Go to Server (System in Plesk 9.5) > Scheduled Tasks
  3. Click Add New Task
  4. Enter the following
 Description:  ScheduledTask_Daily
 Path to executable file:  "C:\netstrap\SystemControl.NetStrap.exe"
 Arguments:  "ScheduledTask_Daily"
   Leave Minutes, Hours, Days of Month, Months, and Days of Week default
*This will run site optimizer nightly, you may edit this schedule as you need it.

Keep Alive for all Domains
 Description: ScheduledTask_Constant 
 Path to executable file: "C:\netstrap\SystemControl.NetStrap.exe"
 Arguements:  "ScheduledTask_Constant"
   Check 0, 4, 8, and every other 4 minute interval.
   Check "Every hour", "Every day", "Every month", and "Every day"
5. Click OK
Method 2 - Enabling "Site Optimizer" and "Keep Alive" on a Domain-by-Domain Basis

You can change the settings for specific domains to do the following you can use the following steps below:
  1. Click on Plesk X.X.X (Domains)
  2. Click on the domain you would like to edit
  3. In the ribbon above select the Gears that state Edit Site Config
  4. From here you can modify the individual site settings by changing them to False to turn them off and press Execute.
If you need any further help with enabling the "Site Optimizer" and "Keep Alive" on your server, contact our training department for further training in how to use the Control Suite.

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