Differences Between Shared and Dedicated IP Addresses

The Difference Between a Shared and a Dedicated IP Address

Every domain name that is a home to a website has an IP address assigned to it. An IP address is the real address of a website. Domain names were developed because it is difficult to remember long IP numbers like

Shared IP
A shared IP is an IP address that is used for multiple sites. A shared IP can host most or all sites on a webserver. Because the IP address of a website is used for multiple sites on the server, the actions of one site owner can affect the IP reputation of everyone sharing that IP on the server. For example, if an IP address is blacklisted for sending SPAM email, this will blacklist mail for all sites using that shared IP address. As your partner in hosting, we work hard to prevent and to resolve these issues immediately and take corrective action against anyone who abuses the system. However, the administrator of a blacklist is the sole authority to decide when to de-list an offending IP.

Many site owners are able to host their site on a shared IP without ever being affected by another site hosted on the server. If mail is critical and you use our mail services, we recommend a dedicated IP address so that your reputation is affected only by the actions of users on your domain.

Dedicated IP
A dedicated IP is an IP address that is assigned to one site. Large websites or e-commerce sites often use a dedicated IP address to have full control over the reputation of their IP. Ecommerce sites must use SSL and therefore a dedicated IP address is often recommended although not required.


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