How to Set Up an FTP Dump on a Dedicated Server

Note: this article is intended for use on dedicated servers only.


  1. Log into your Control Panel

  2. Under Hosting Services choose Subscriptions. Then, click on Add Subscription to create a domain called (where is your actual domain you want to work with)

  3. Give it a random username and password (this user will not be used) and click OK

  4. Click on the Subscriptions tab, and then click on the domain you've just created

  5. Click on FTP Access option

  6. Click on Create Additional FTP Accounts

  7. Fill in the appropriate fields:

    • FTP account name:  the desired username

    • Home directory:  /private

    • New FTP password:  the desired password

    • Read permission:  Checked

    • Write permission:  Checked

  8. Click OK.

Your customers will now be able to use with the credentials that you created.

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