How to Make Webmail Resolve to Adjacent Domain

How to Make Webmail Resolve to Adjacent Domain

When you go to you are redirected to to access the webmail.

This is the default behavior.

In SmarterMail, by default, webmail becomes the primary domain, so if you type in, it will redirect to The following steps will make it resolve to the same domain rather than redirecting.

Please note that only dedicated server customers and members of our support staff with remote desktop access to the server can fix this issue. If you are a shared hosting client, please contact a member of our support team to resolve this issue.
  1. Use Remote Desktop to log into the server.
  2. Navigate to C:/inetpub/vhosts/webmail/whatever webmail service you're using.
  3. Rename the index.html file to something such as backupindex.html.
  4. Create a new file named index.aspx.
  5. Copy the following code into it:
    <script runat="server" language="C#"> private void Page_Load(object sender, System.EventArgs e)
    string URL = Request.Url.Host;     URL = "http://" + URL + ":9998";     Response.Redirect (URL);
  6. Save file.


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