How to Run UVG on a Site with Ifinity's URL Master Module Installed



How to Run UVG on a Site with Ifinity's URL Master Installed

You may see issues while running the Ultra Video Gallery (UVG) module on a site using iFinity's URL Master. An indication that you may need to follow the steps below include object reference errors during logout. While these two modules will work fine together, there are some extra configuration steps that are needed:
  • You need a minimum version of UVG 2.4.3, because it contains some fixes related to URL handling. Earlier versions may return errors on some screens when used with URL Master.
  • The NeatUpload component should be moved to the top of the list of httpModules in the <system.web> and <system.webserver> sections of the web.config file.
  • You can't use the Force Lower Case option of URL Master, as UVG has some case-sensitive query string parameters.
  • You should add the value /ajaxpro/ to the end of the ignoreRegex in the Advanced Regex Settings section of the URL Master's Friendly URL Settings page.
For more information about these two modules see iFinity's and Biz Modules' web sites.



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