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Default SmarterMail Spam Filter Settings

If your Spam filtering is misconfigured in SmarterMail on your dedicated server, causing too much spam to get through or legitimate email to be falsely flagged as spam, you may need to restore the settings back to the default Spam filter settings. You can do do by following the instructions below.
  1. Log in to your server using Remote Desktop
  2. Log into SmarterMail as the admin user using the SmarterMail desktop icon. If no icon exists open your browser and browse to localhost:9998. If you are unsure of your SmarterMail Admin password it may be retrieved by following the instructions in our Retrieving Passwords Using Control Suite article.
  3. Click on the Security tab.
  4. On the left bar select Antispam Administration.
  5. Ensure that the following items have Enabled for Filtering checked and are configured with the specified weight:
  6. If any item has the incorrect weight check the box to the right and click Edit to correct them.
    • SpamAssassin (sometimes labeled SpamAssassin based Pattern Matching) weight 0-30
    • DomainKeys, weight -10-30
    • DKIM (if available) weight -10-30
    • SPF weight 0-30
    • RBL:SpamCop (if available) weight 10
  7. Uncheck all checkboxes not mentioned above.
  8. Click Save.
To correct the spam settings for a particular domain once you have configured server-level settings correctly follow the steps below for your version of SmarterMail

SmarterMail 7.X and Above
Click the Manage tab. 
Click All Domains.
Find the domain you wish to manage.
Right click it and click Manage.
In the window that appears expand Filtering.
Click Spam Filtering
Check Use default spam settings.
Click Save.

SmarterMail 6.X and Below
Click the Manage tab.
Click All Domains.
Find the domain you wish to manage.
Right click it and click Impersonate > Domain Administrator.
In the window that appears expand Filtering.
Click Spam Filtering.
Check Use default spam settings.
Click Save.


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