FTP: "Failed to retrieve directory listing", Files Do Not Appear, MLSD Operation Fails

FTP: Failed to retrieve directory listing, Files Do Not Appear, MLSD Operation Fails


Cannot use FTP because, while the user successfully logs in, one of the following symptoms is observed:
  • Failed to retrieve directory listing error
  • Last operation in FTP client log is MLSD and nothing further happens
  • No files or folders appear in file list and user cannot upload any files

Possible Cause
This is because the server firewall is not permitting the FTP client to open the data connection back to the FTP server.

To correct this issue, configure the correct ports for PASV (passive) FTP to be allowed through the firewall according to following instructions. Dedicated server customers have full access to their server and may follow these steps or contact support for assistance. Shared hosting customers will need to contact support to resolve this issue.
  1. Log into your dedicated server using Remote Desktop.
  2. Log into the Plesk Control Panel.
  3. In Plesk 9.x click Settings or in Plesk 11.x and 12.x click on Tools & Settings.
  4. Click FTP Settings.
  5. In the text input, enter the range: 1024-1050
  6. Click OK.
  7. Click IP Addresses > Firewall > Firewall Rules.
  8. Look through the firewall rules (there may be more than one page) for a rule for ports 1024-1050. Usually named FTP PASV. If there is not one, add one. click Add Firewall Rule, name the rule FTP PASV, enter port range 1024-1050, and click OK.
Additional Resolution
This only applies to servers running Plesk 9.x or lower.
  1. Double-click the Gene6 FTP icon in the bottom right corner or go to Start > All Programs > Gene6 FTP Server > G6FTP Server Administrator.
  2. Expand Local Machine.  Use anything for the password. See Receive Login Error when Accessing Gene6 FTP Server if it's applicable.
  3. Expand Domains.
  4. Find the IP address in question and right click it.  Select Properties.
  5. Below the Secure tab is an option called IP binding.  Click this.
  6. Change the Passive port range to 1024-1050. Click OK.

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