Operation Failed when Opening File Manager or FTP Says Disabled or Bad Password

Primary FTP Account User Gets a "Operation failed when opening File Manager" Error or FTP Disabled Message
When opening FTP to the domain with the primary FTP account you receive the following error:
530 Login or Password Incorrect(Logon failure: unknown user name or bad password).  Login failed.

When opening the file manager in Plesk you receive the following error:
The operation you were performing failed. You can retry the operation with or without changing its parameters. You may also want to report this problem to our support so that we could help you as soon as possible.

When you press Show Details the following is often displayed:
FileList::init() failed: ls_dir_wrapper() failed: Unable to logon user : (1326) Logon failure: unknown user name or bad password.

The domain's primary ftp user account is disabled in Windows or has an invalid password.

  1. Log into your Control Panel.
    • in Plesk 12.5 in the My Subscriptions section, click on the [domain], click on the FTP Access button, select your Primary FTP User.
    • In Plesk 11 and 12 in the My Subscriptions section, click on the [domain], click on the Change Hosting Settings tab.
    • In Plesk 9 click on Domains, click on the [domain] that's having issues. click on Web Hosting Settings.
  2. Change the password (the same password can be used, if desired).
  3. Select OK and test

Alternate Resolution
If the above steps did not work shared hosting clients should contact support with a request for assistance. Dedicated server clients can follow the steps below.
  1. Log into your dedicated server with Remote Desktop.
  2. Click on Start > Administrative Tools > Computer Manager
  3. Click on Local Users and Groups.
  4. Click on Users.
  5. Select the user account with the problem, Right click on it and select Properties.
  6. Un-check Account Disabled.
  7. Click OK and test the account.
  8. Repeat steps in first solution if the issue persists.

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