Upgrade SmarterMail License on Dedicated Servers

How to Upgrade a SmarterMail License

You have exceeded the maximum allowed users on your SmarterMail License and are required to upgrade your license in order to add more.

You will need to purchase the upgraded license directly from SmarterTools.
  1. Log into your Smarter Tools Account.
  2. The username is typically the email address you used when signing up for your dedicated server.  In some rare occurrences, for clients who have multiple dedicated servers, an alternate email address would have had to have been used. This is due to SmarterTools policy of one free license per user/email address account. 
  3. The password was established when SmarterTools emailed the email address used as the username when the license was first requested.  If you have changed it, cannot remember it, or cannot find the email sent to you by SmarterTools, you will need to use the password retrieval form on that page.
  4. Once logged in, click on the Account Management tab.
  5. If you have never been to this site before, you will need to click on Account Information and fill out the given form.
  6. Click on License Keys.
  7. Click on the License Key for the SmarterMail product.
  8. Click Upgrade/Renew License.
  9. Click the option next to the SmarterMail License, click Next.
  10. Select the Product Edition/Level for the license that you wish to upgrade to.
  11. Click Add to Cart.
  12. Click Checkout.
  13. Once you checkout then follow the directions supplied by SmarterTools to complete your purchase.

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