Unable to Receive Mail (Mail Enable)

We are no longer able to provide support for MailEnable products. If you are unable to resolve this issue, please contact a sales representative about migrating to a new dedicated server.

If you receive the following error when trying to create a mail box on a MailEnable server or mail to accounts on a domain immediately gets rejected:
Unable to update the mail account properties:mailmng failed: There are no domains for post office.

  1. Log into your dedicated server using Remote Desktop.
  2. Clck on Start > MailEnable to load the MailEnable Administrator.
  3. Expand the Messaging Manager, then expand Post Offices, then expand the domain in question.
  4. Click on Domains.  If there are no domains listed,right click the open space, hover over New, and then click Domain.
  5. Add the domain name of the site in question.
  6. Select a mailbox from one of the already existing mailboxes for the postmaster.  Click Okay.
  7. When it asks if you want to add an alias email for this domain for each mailbox in the post office, select no.
  8. Click on Start > Run > cmd and type:
    cd %plesk_bin%
    mchk.exe --domain --domain-name=DOMAINNAMEINQUESTIONHERE
    Note that running the mchk.exe command will delete any mail accounts created outside of Plesk. It will also reset any passwords that have been changed through the webmail client to the original passwords used when the mail accounts were set up in Plesk.
  9.  Test to verify an email can be delivered.
 Please note, the server implements greylisting so it may take a while for an email to pass through.

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