Rename Domain IIS 7 Issue

Renaming a Domain IIS 7 Issue
When you rename a domain in Plesk 9.x and the server is using IIS 7, a bug often causes Plesk to change the .NET version to 1.1. This causes a ripple effect because IIS won’t be able to open the default.aspx page. Note: If you are a dedicated server customer, you can follow these steps and make the appropriate changes yourself. If you are a shared hosting client, you will need to open a ticket with the support department letting them know you changed your domain name in Plesk and your site no longer loads. Dedicated server clients can follow the steps below. 

Change the .NET Framework Version in IIS
  1. Open IIS Manager by clicking on Start > All Programs > Administrative Tools > Internet Information Services Manager (IIS)
  2. In the Application Pools section, locate the renamed domain.
  3. If .NET Framework Version is 1.1, right click on the pool and choose Advanced Settings.
  4. Change it to v4.0 (or 2.0) If you are unsure what version you were running check the web hosting settings in Plesk to verify which version of .NET framework the site utilizes.
    IIS 7 Application Pool settings

Fix the Handler Mappings
If you get a 404 error when trying to load the page, it is because the handler mappings are incorrect.
  1. First, back up the web.config file or copy the Handlers section to clipboard.
    1. Click on Start > Run > c:\.
    2. Navigate to inetpub\vhosts\[domain]\httpdocs
    3. Open the web.config file, select the information in the Handlers section and copy it.
  2. Then, in the sites section of IIS, double click on the renamed domain.
  3. Double-click on the Handler Mappings icon.
  4. In the Actions section. Choose Revert To Parent. It should fill the main window with information.
    IIS 7 Revert to parent handler mappings
  5. Finally, you will need to restore the saved web.config file because clicking revert to parent will remove vital sections of the web.config file. 
    1. Open the web.config file for the renamed domain.
    2. Paste the Handlers section back in after the Modules section.
    3. Save the web.config file and browse the renamed site to test it.

You should also modify the original domain to the renamed domain in the hosts file (C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\hosts) so your browser will be able to look for it locally on the server.

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