How to Host Email on a Domain Alias


You would like to have email on your domain alias in addition to your main site.


While this is an option, we recommend that you use a 3rd party like Google Apps for the portal (and all its email). With Google Apps you can use your own domain. It will not be a Gmail account. This article explains How to Configure Google Applications.

Email Setup on a Portal

Some background information: the primary domain is registered with the email server. All domain aliases created under this default portal will show up as to the mail server provided that the Mail box is checked when creating the domain alias. If you have a portal named and you want an email like, you would create the account, and it will be able to send mail from and accept mail for You would access the account through normally, and mail sent to either address would arrive to the inbox. Understand that when set up this way and are just different names for the same account. This is not a viable alternative if you require that the addresses for the different domains be entirely separate accounts.

If you need assistance on setting up email accounts through your Control Panel you may follow the steps included in our article titled How to Set Up Email Accounts in our Environment.

Additional Information
We are a CMS specialty hosting company; we are not email specialists. We offer a basic email service. If your environment requires sending a significant number of emails, or the use of mailing lists, newsletters, or other bulk email you will likely be disappointed with this email service. For more sophisticated email requirements we strongly recommend Google Apps, or any other email specialist you may choose. 

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