Joomla infinite loop JError

Joomla Infinite Loop JError

You receive the following error message: Infinite loop detected in JError in Joomla.

Possible Cause 
Joomla is unable to connect to the database.

Verify that the information in the configuration.php file matches your database settings.

  1. Login to your Control Panel and go to Websites & Domains > Databases.
  2. Verify the names of the database and database user. If you are unsure of the database user password change it so it matches what is in configuration.php.
    1. Go to Websites & Domains and click on File Manager.
    2. Click on the httpdocs folder and look and click on the configuration.php file.
  3. Review the following fields and make any necessary changes to match the database settings:


var $dbtype = /*[should be mysql or mysqli]*/
var $host /*[should be localhost or]*/
var $user =
var $password =
var $db =


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