How to Change or Delete the Default DotNetNuke Admin Account

How to Change or Delete the Default Admin Account in DotNetNuke

The main portal, portal 0, of your DotNetNuke installation is controlled by the admin account. A user who gains access to this account could damage your site and have access to registered user information. For these reasons, some web administrators choose to change the admin account name to something that is not as easily guessable or assign administrative rights to another user and delete the account.

 To change or delete the administrator account:
  1. Open your browser and browse to your domain name.
  2. Create  a user that will be appointed admin to the portal, by selecting "register", and filling out the information as necessary.
    Register Account in DNN
  3. Log in using host credentials (or superuser equivalent). (You may need to log out the newly created account first.)
  4. Go to Admin > Security Roles.
  5. Select the edit icon (pencil on paper) next to Administrators.
    Edit Adminnistrator Icon
  6. At the bottom, select Mange Users in this Role.
  7. Select your desired new administrator user who registered in the second step from the drop down list
  8. Select Add User to Role.
  9. Go to Admin > Site Settings.
  10. Click on the Advanced Settings tab. Expand Security Settings.
  11. Under Administrator, select any alternative administrator accounts you've created then click Update.
  12. Return to Admin > User Accounts.
  13. Select the red X next to your previous admin user to delete it.


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