Emails Sent with DNN Newsletter Module Do Not Show Pictures

The DotNetNuke Newsletter Sends an Email with Images and the Image Link is Broken


When you send an email from the DotNetNuke newsletter module that contains images, the images do not show up in the email.

The HTML editor uses relative URLs when linking to images. When sending emails, absolute URLs should be used.
When the HTML editor inserts images, it generates the following HTML:
< img src="/Portals/0/SomeImage.jpg" />

This HTML code will work fine on your site, but it will not work in email. The problem with this HTML is that it does not include the domain name.  In order to fix this:
  1. Log into your DNN site.
  2. Switch to the tab or page that includes the newsletter module.
  3. Click on the Edit icon to modify the module.
  4. Within the HTML editor of the newsletter module, switch into HTML mode and edit the HTML to include the domain name.  It should look like this:

newsletter module editing window

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