How to Enable DNN Site Log History

How to Enable Your DotNetNuke Site Log

When you view your DotNetNuke site log, you receive an error similar to the following:
Your hosting Provider Has Limited Your Portal To 30 Days Of Site Log History

This error message is not accurate.  The amount of site log history is controlled by a setting within DotNetNuke.

Steps to Resolve this Issue
  1. Login to your site with the Host account.
  2. Navigate to Host > Host Settings > Other Settings.
  3. Set Site Log Buffer (Items):  to 1   
  4. Set Site Log History (Days): to 60 (or what ever you prefer)
  5. Uncheck Enable Event Log Buffer.
  6. Click Update.
  7. Navigate to Admin > Site Settings > Advanced Settings - Host Settings.
  8. Set Site Log History (Days): to 30 (or what ever you prefer).
Keep a close eye on the site log history's impact on your website's performance. Logs that get too large can negatively impact load time and cause other performance issues. If this occurs, revisit this article and set your site log history to a lower value.

Our SiteOptimizer clears out your site log every 24 hours. If you are a shared customer please request that your website be removed from the SiteOptimizer to retain your site log. If you are a dedicated server customer, in order to disable SiteOptimizer Log Truncation follow these steps.
  1. Log into the server through Remote Desktop.
  2. Launch the Control Suite from your desktop.
  3. Expand the Plesk x.x.x Domains icon.
  4. Click on the Domain you wish to edit.
  5. Click on Edit Site Config.
  6. Set SiteOptimizer_DotNetNuke_SiteLog_Truncate to False and then click Execute.


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Thank you, this article answered my question perfectly. Only - when I looked for it in the Knowledge base, it didn&#x27;t show up there. Instead, it came after I submitted the ticket. Maybe better tagging of this article could have prevented me from having troubled you guys with my question?<br /><br />Maybe I just put the wrong choice of words in the search bar. :-)
Elizabeth Johnson (December 2, 2013 at 11:51 PM)

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