How to Upgrade Joomla to 1.5.25

How to Upgrade Joomla to 1.5.25
Before a Joomla site can be upgraded above 1.5 it has to be on 1.5.25. To upgrade your Joomla 1.5 site:

  1. Download the Update Manager component from:
  2. Install the Update Manager. Refer to How to install an extension in Joomla for further instructions on this process.
  3. Go to Components > Update Manager.
  4. Click on Parameters and change the Download Method to curl.
    Joomla Update Manager
  5. Click the download the update file link (see image below).
    Download updated file link
  6. Click on the Full Package link. 
  7. The file 'Joomla_1.5.25-Stable-Full_Package.tar.gz' has been downloaded. Click on the link you can proceed with the install.
  8.  You have successfully upgraded your Joomla! install! Congratulations!

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