Files Can Not Be Browsed from Other Modules in DotNetNuke

Files Can Not Be Browsed from Other Modules

When using other DotNetNuke modules you may recieve an error like the following:
You don't have permission to see the files on the site.
DNN has its own built in security permissions.  These permissions are not applied to the files in the DotNetNuke file manager.

  1. Log into your site as a host or admin user.
  2. Navigate to Admin > File Manager.
  3. Select Portal Root.
  4. At the bottom of the page in the permissions grid give All Users (or some other group) permission to view the folder.
  5. Click Update.
By giving all users permission to view the files, anyone who goes to your website will be able to see the files.  You may want to select a role other than All Users.

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