Control Suite Error: File Not Found

When attempting to use Control Suite to create a Wordpress admin user on a newer server you may receive an error stating "file not found". This is due to PHP 5.6 being required by this process but not being enabled on the server. You can follow these steps to enable PHP 5.6 on the server:
  1. Log into Plesk
  2. Select Tools & Settings from the left-hand menu
  3. Click on Plesk > Updates
  4. Enter the Windows administrator credentials if prompted
  5. Click on Add/Remove Components
  6. Scroll down to Plesk hosting features and open the drop-down
  7. Find PHP 5.6 in the list and select it to install it
  8. Click Continue and then confirm that you wish to install the selected option(s)
Once the installation is completed please close and re-launch Control Suite. You should now be able to view existing administrator users and create new ones as needed.

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